Welcome, I’m a art hobbyist and love to draw stuff. here I post my up to date drawings, discuss movies, history of art, pop culture and stuff. Here’s a selection of drawings that I’ve done in 2021. My drawings are portraits, landscapes, collages and abstractions. Along with some foot fetish, foot worship drawings as well . My paintings are some of the same. In 2022 I’ve begun a series of food with portraits. My artistic method is to do a few short drawings a day but one may be 2-4 hours. When I was a teenager years ago I usually could only do 2 but I’m older now. I hope you enjoy the drawings I post on here.

A drawing of a UFC fight including Ronda Rousey not sure how good this is.

The drawing below I was thinking of criminal activity and the Mexican drug cartels.

Portraits of people, landscapes, abstract , erotic, oil, watercolor pencil, pastel, acrylic and stuff similar

Some of my artwork In the past has been inspired or similar in style to Jean Michael Basquiat. A famous artist from the 1980’s. I used to think of my art in terms of what crystallographic art is, sorta inspired be baroque fresco paintings from the 1500-1600’s.

But as of 2022 I’ve been focusing on taking time with pencil shade movements/brush strokes with my imagination.

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A drawing with the idea of domestic violence in mind